Human growth hormone has often been cited as a way to improve the body’s ability to heal itself, restore flexibility, and fend off common illnesses.

If these benefits are true, then the question of the day is why is everyone not using this medication?

The fact is that there are many positive benefits of HGH for healing, flexibility, and resistance to illness, but more importantly, human growth hormone allows the body to function at its best possible ability. This “master hormone” plays such a pivotal role in functions such as cellular regeneration, immunity, bone and muscle growth, collagen formation, metabolism, and cognitive processes that it cannot be overlooked in any one area.

The answer to the question of why is everyone not using healing properties of HGH is that not everyone needs this treatment. Hormone replacement therapy is just what it implies – a way to replace missing levels of hormones when a shortage occurs. A person who does not have this deficiency will not get any positive results from treatment.

As a person ages, the production of growth hormone decreases. Most people notice no difference at all in regards to how their bodies are performing on a physical level. There are those, however, who will find that frequent colds, decreased flexibility, joint pains, and slow to heal injuries have become an issue. These are only a few of the many adverse effects that low GH secretion can cause.


The immune system reaps health benefits of HGH therapy by improving the manufacturing rate of new antibodies, increasing the production of interleukin2 and T-cells, stimulating bacteria fighting macrophages, increasing the production of red and white blood cells, and increasing the maturation of neutrophils.

This translates to better resistance to common colds, viruses, and germs that come along. Even when a person does wind up catching some bug or cold, the downtime is shorter, and recovery is quicker. HGH is an excellent counter to stress, and when human growth hormone is low, cortisol is high. Cortisol, the body’s primary stress hormone, can play a role in frequent illness. It has long been known that stress breaks down the body’s immune system, and now, thanks to the benefits of human growth hormone therapy, treatment with HGH can strengthen immunity.


There are incredible healing benefits of HGH for both old and current injuries. Many adults have old injuries – perhaps from sports in school, accidents that have occurred over the years, or even normal wear and tear on the body. There is a long-standing joke that some people can predict the weather from the creak in their bones. It is true that some injuries can be directly influenced by changes in the weather. The cold can make us stiffen up, and temperature sensitivity is also a direct symptom of GH deficiency.

How do injuries heal?

Cartilage and bone continue to renew and rebuild themselves throughout a person’s lifetime. Insulin Growth Factor 1, a hormone produced by the liver in direct proportion to the amount of human growth hormone that organ receives, fuels the creation of cartilage and bone. That is why we find stronger bones and speedier healing among the benefits of HGH therapy.

Cuts heal faster, recovery from exercise and exertion is quicker, and even broken bones have been shown to respond to treatment in a shorter period of time. Part of this is due to an increase in white blood cells that can speed to the injured area and initiate rapid healing.


It is true that there are many benefits of HGH injections for adults diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency. Positive results can be felt early in the morning when the alarm clock signals the time to wake up. Instead of feeling stiff and sore from a night of limited movement, most adults notice increased back flexibility, reduced joint pains, and increased freedom of movement.

Among the healing effects of HGH that help in this area are:

  • Weight loss
  • Increased lean muscle mass
  • Improved bone density
  • Greater energy and endurance
  • Improved cardiac capacity and output

These HGH benefits help increase the body’s ability to engage in vigorous exercise that will further these positive effects along.

To learn more about the healing properties of HGH injections, contact HGH Therapy Clinic for a complimentary and confidential consultation with a hormone replacement specialist.